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Meet The Owners

William & Danielle Barrett

His interest in creative building started  when he was 16. He was walking along a lake shore when he saw a drift wood stump, to him, it was beautiful. As he studied its curves and structure he noticed the roots all seemed to create a natural level. He then realized it should be a coffee table. From that idea came a really cool piece of furniture and deep appreciation for natural elements used in furniture and building. (The coffee table in The Hobbit house he made 20 years ago) 

In building he believe that the best architect was GOD. To him, the world is a clearly intelligent design, he strives to mimic those elements in the buildings and landscapes. On nature there is very few straight lines, he loves creating with curved elements. He feels it seems to compliment the surroundings better.  

Some of Will's favorite memories is working with his Grandfather on construction as a young man. He taught him so much. Much more than the education he gave him, it was the time they had together.  

They have always been a working family and no one enjoyed  physical working more than his dad, It keeps him going, just like it keeps Will going.  

Throw in an artists heart from his mother and you have someone that purely loves building cool things.  

As a father now of 2 teenagers, he believes that work and play can go hand in hand. Boston has his affinity for equipment and excavating while Sofie likes design.  

Danielle is a woman of fine details. Where William focuses on the grand picture, Danielle realizes the importance of the perfect color choice that provide intimate details. As a former hair stylist and salon owner, Danielle brings class and flair to the team.  

The ecology of our property is important to them. From what was an old abused property came literary fields of wildflowers for picking. Where cars were crushed, is now a field for alpacas.    Bringing nature and livestock back to the valley where it once thrived, seems to be fitting and appropriate. In Spring of 2021 we will be welcoming alpacas to the farm.

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