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Do we schedule tours?

Yes, please call 423-946-5023 to schedule your tour.

How many guests can the venue accomodate?

Our venue can accommodate up to 200 guests.

What wedding packages do we offer, and what’s included?

We offer different Packages and Add-On Packages. We have 1 and 2 Day Packages.

Are there different rates for different seasons? What months are peak & non-peak seasons?

Peak months: May, June, September, and October

Non peak months: January, February, March, April, July, August, November, and December

Can I see a sample contract?

We would love to email you our sample contract. It has all of the information you need plus pricing on different packages and add-ons.

How do I reserve a date?

Upon signing your contract and paying your $1,000 down payment, your date will be reserved.

How much is the down payment and when is it due?

$1,000 down payment is due upon signing the contract

Are there payment plans available?

We take monthly payments

Do we host more than one event on the same day?


How far in advance can I reserve a date?

We typically book 2-2.5 years in advance

Is there an indoor and outdoor space?

Waterstone is an outdoor venue. We do have 2 tents on property that are permanent structures that are covered.

Who is in charge of setup/breakdown & clean up?

Waterstone does the initial setup and breakdown on anything the venue provides or rents.

Do we offer in house vendors?

We do not have in house vendors, but we are always happy to give recommendations.

Do we provide linens?


Are real candles allowed for decorations?

Real candles are allowed everywhere except the suites. Candles must be contained in a glass votive.

Is confetti and fake floral allowed?

Confetti is not allowed. You can decorate with fake floral, but anything being thrown on the ground must be eco-friendly.

Are fireworks and sparklers allowed?

Fireworks are not allowed. Cold Sparklers are allowed on concrete walkway and sand bucket must be provided.

Do you have a list of preferred vendors?


Do we offer an on-site wedding coordinator?

No, but we have recommendations and highly recommend hiring a coordinator for your special day.

Do the vendors I hire or use need to be liscenced and insured?


Is there a kitchen available for caterers to use?

We have a prep kitchen in the back of the reception tent, that catering vendors may use.

What is your alcohol policy?

You must hire a TN licensed ABC bartender who is insured to serve. All alcohol must be served by a bartender. BYOB and self serving is not allowed per state law.

Do we offer a Host / Parking Attendant?

Yes, we staff your event with a Venue Representative Host.

Can I hire a band or a DJ?


Is the venue handicap accessible?


How many restrooms do we have?

We have 2 guest restrooms that are on venue grounds.

Are there separate suites to get ready in?

Yes. Hobbit House, Treehouse, & Greek Cottage

If it rains, what is the backup plan?

Waterstone has an additional tent that can be rented for weather backup.

Do we offer overnight accommodations?


When does the waterfall get turned on for the event?

The waterfall gets turned on 2hrs before the ceremony starts.

Is fishing and swimming allowed in the pond?


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